Alight Motion MOD (Unlocked Pro)

Alight Motion is a professional video editing and graphics creation application for you to use right on your phone. Not only that, it is completely free to download to use basic features. If you want to unlock Pro in addition to registering, you can use the MOD APK version shared by Gmod APK in the article below!

About Alight Motion software

Alight Motion is an extreme application, with versions 3.8.0 APK and allowing users to edit videos and create extremely professional graphics right on smartphones. It is loved by many young people because of its powerful video editing features. At the same time, the interface is designed to be simple and friendly, so it is extremely easy to use.

Alight Motion is a completely free application with Vietnamese language. However, if you want to unlock all Pro effects , you need to pay. But you can use the MODs to Unlock Pro for free to use!

What features does Alight Motion APK MOD have?

The MOD APK version of Alight Motion provided by Bandishare will have great features for you as follows:

  • MOD Unlock Pro.
  • Always unlock the paid subscription.
  • Remove the Application Logo on product images or videos edited with this software.

Outstanding features in Alight Motion

Video and graphics editing applications Alight Motion 3.8.0 APK and both provide users with a lot of outstanding features. The most prominent to mention:

Rich layers of graphics and sound

You can take advantage of Alight Motion’s multi-layered audio and graphics engine to edit and create the most realistic, lifelike image or video. During the editing process, you can completely fast forward, slow down, rewind to edit your video perfectly.

Customize picture color

You can take advantage of the palette in this application to change the color of your photos. Thanks to that, photos and videos have their own unique features and show their uniqueness with high art

20 Effects + Impressive Backgrounds

Effects in Alight Motion are divided into many different themes for you to choose from: Love, 3D, nature, color, .. They will bring the best backgrounds for your photos and videos to look. It’s new and professional to share with everyone.

Customize video size and quality

You can resize the image of the video. There are many different display frame sizes for you to choose from. Thanks to that, the image after exporting and displaying on different devices is not blurred or broken.

In addition to the size, you can also choose the quality of your video, and adjust the image playback speed per second, customize the background as you like.

Unique image and video filters

Alight Motion provides you with filters with more than 30 different templates to use for videos. There are many different filter themes, you can easily find and choose the most suitable filter for the video you want to edit. Thanks to that, the product is edited professionally when sharing it with everyone.

Unique image and video filters

Easier to edit vector graphics

Editing vector graphics on this application is one of the most powerful and appreciated features. Not only that, it is very easy to use so you can change the custom size easily.

Add content with custom fonts

Adding text with different typefaces to videos is simple using Alight Motion’s tools. Thereby expressing the aesthetic, increasing the attractiveness of your video.

Save photos and videos in various formats

Save photos and videos in various formats

After editing photos or videos on this software, you can download and save them on your computer in many different formats such as MP4 videos, GIFs, images. At the same time, you can also instantly share your products directly on social networks without downloading to the device.


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