Download Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK v3.8.8 (Unlimited Resources)

App Name Crazy Defense Heroes
Publisher Animoca Brands
Genre Strategy
Size 490M
Latest Version 3.8.8
MOD Info Unlimited Resources
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Crazy Defense Heroes is an action-packed tower defense game that challenges players to defend against hordes of evil orcs. With an unpredictable number of enemies, players must strategically summon powerful towers and control heroes to protect the critical path marked by a blue shield. By unlocking new elements and upgrading resources, players can create formidable defensive tactics to thwart the invading orcs.

Defend the Realm: In Crazy Defense Heroes, players find themselves on a sprawling battlefield, complete with multiple paths for the orc invaders to navigate. The game cleverly provides hints through footprints, indicating the initial direction of the enemy’s attack. Armed with this knowledge, players must quickly establish a strong defensive force to halt the first wave of foes. The ability to zoom in and out of the environment provides a bird’s-eye view, enabling players to strategize effectively.

The Power of Towers:

To repel the orc invasion, players can place defensive towers strategically along the enemy’s path. Predefined circles on either side of the road mark the positions where players can deploy towers using the cards they possess. Each tower requires a specific amount of mana to summon, which is indicated on the right side of the screen. Careful resource management is vital, as players have a limited amount of mana to spend during the battle.

Choose Wisely:

In addition to considering mana costs, players must also pay attention to the red number displayed on each card. This number represents the total number of cards available for use in a match, corresponding to the number of towers that can be deployed on the battlefield. By carefully selecting the right locations to place towers, players can maximize their defensive capabilities.

Unleashing Heroic Support:

Crazy Defense Heroes offers more than just towers; players can also control and deploy powerful heroes to support the defense efforts. Heroes possess unique abilities and can directly engage with the enemy, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game. Combining the right mix of towers and heroes is key to achieving victory.

Unlocking New Elements:

As players progress through the game, they have the opportunity to unlock new elements with distinct characteristics. These elements can be integrated into existing defensive strategies, allowing players to adapt to different enemy types and challenges. Continuously upgrading the potential of each card ensures that the defense remains formidable as the orc invasion intensifies.


Crazy Defense Heroes provides an exhilarating tower defense experience, requiring players to showcase their strategic prowess in defending against waves of evil orcs. By summoning powerful towers, controlling heroic allies, and unlocking new elements, players can create a diverse and potent defensive arsenal. Are you ready to take up the challenge and prevent the evil orcs’ invasion in Crazy Defense Heroes? Join the battle and prove your worth as the savior of the realm!

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