Download Kingdom War TD v2.1.59 MOD APK (Free Upgrade, Build, Unlimited Rune)

App Name Kingdom War TD
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Genre Strategy
Size 340M
Latest Version 2.1.59
MOD Info Free Upgrade, Build, Unlimited Rune
Get it On Google play


If you have a passion for role-playing games (RPGs) and real-time strategy games (RTS), then Kingdoms War TD Mod APK is the perfect blend of these genres. This 2D cartoon anime tower defense game with role-playing elements promises to transport you to the enchanting continent of Fortias, where diverse races of people coexist in harmony.

Centuries have passed since the Great Battle, where the human King valiantly defeated the Dark Lord and his troops. While evil may seem subdued, darkness still lurks, ready to cast its shadow over the continent once more. The tranquility of Eradel, a realm inhabited by humans, is shattered when a sudden Goblin invasion threatens its very existence.

In Kingdoms War: TD Offline Games, you assume the role of Prince Lucius of Eradel, who, along with a trusted ally, embarks on a quest to gather allies from other nations. But beware, the journey is fraught with obstacles and formidable foes, requiring strategic prowess to overcome. As you traverse the continent, towers must be erected, the Eradel army must be trained, and heroism must be displayed!

The game offers a rich and immersive experience, featuring fantasy locations such as the vast human plain, lush elven forests, a majestic dwarf kingdom nestled in the alpine region, a haunting dead marsh, and an icy mountain range.

Prepare to test your mettle as you employ eight new specialized towers, including barracks, archer, magical, and golem towers, to conquer each challenge in Eradel Kingdom. Engage in both campaign missions and an unconstrained game version, vying for the top spot on the scoreboard to showcase your prowess to the world. If you seek more treasures, venture into the limitless mode to farm precious gems.

In the heat of battle, rely on the assistance of mighty heroes such as Jupiter, Glacia, Sol, Nyx, and Asura, each hailing from diverse ethnic backgrounds. You can command three heroes simultaneously, and with Summoning Runes, you can enhance your hero’s power to safeguard your realm.

With around 30 distinct types of creatures awaiting your challenge, Kingdoms War TD offers a variety of monsters with unique appearances and skill sets that may prove challenging to master. To stay ahead of the game, utilize the game’s encyclopedia, which provides in-depth descriptions of enemies and towers, helping you keep a watchful eye on threats to your castle and realm.

The time has come to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Kingdoms War TD. Gather your strategic wits, lead your forces to victory, and relish the adventure as you defend Eradel Kingdom from the looming Goblin invasion. Are you ready to answer the call? The battle awaits in Kingdoms War: TD Offline Games!

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