Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK v3.24.88 (Menu: Immortality/No CD)

App Name Shadow Knight Premium
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Genre Action
Size 150M
Latest Version 3.24.88
MOD Info Menu: Immortality/No CD

In the mystical realm of Harmonia, a once happy land has been engulfed in a terrifying curse, unleashing chaos and sparking brutal wars between opposing forces. The desperate situation calls for a savior, and you, the knight of justice, are the chosen one. Embark on a thrilling journey as you embody the Shadow Knight, battling through waves of enemies and conquering increasingly challenging levels. Can you rise to the occasion and save the world? The fate of Harmonia rests in your hands, so take up the quest and embrace the path of the hero today!

Shadow Knight: Ninja Samurai – Fighting Games: A New Twist on Familiar Grounds

Welcome to the captivating world of Harmonia, where the game Shadow Knight unfolds its compelling tale. Built upon a foundation of positive user reviews and an old platform, the developers have tirelessly strived to perfect it and deliver an even more immersive experience. Among the exciting updates is the introduction of a new character, Kazetsu, accompanied by a magical feature in the campaign stages. Season 1’s resounding success is followed by the launch of Battle Pass Season 2, promising to exceed expectations. Moreover, the store now offers Night Devil skins and Premium Chests as additional options, providing enhanced customization and rewards. The updated version has also addressed bugs to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Don your armor and venture into the world of Shadow Knight – the realm of adventure awaits!

Special Features of the Blood Campaign

Shadow Knight’s  MOD APK world is shrouded in darkness, with only faint glimmers of light piercing through. Step into this eerie realm and experience the cold, relentless path of endless battles. Assume the role of a peacekeeper, wielding the sword of justice to vanquish enemies, advance through levels, and strive for ultimate power. Traverse diverse terrains, from treacherous mountains and expansive flats to perilous slopes and ominous chasms, mastering your moves to overcome any obstacle and hunt down your foes.

The game unravels a myriad of mysteries, enveloping players in a thrilling journey filled with adventure, darkness, and intense battles. Whether it leads you through dense jungles, mysterious seas, or forsaken cities, the trials you face will shape you into the mightiest warrior. Press forward with unwavering determination, clearing the path of monsters and zombies, and ultimately confronting the formidable bosses who hold the key to restoring peace to Harmonia.


Shadow Knight: Ninja Samurai – Fighting Games presents a gripping fantasy plot where you, the hero, must rescue Harmonia from the clutches of darkness and chaos. With a host of exciting updates, intriguing mysteries, and challenging battles, the game promises an exhilarating experience for players seeking adventure and action. Can you rise above the shadows and become the savior Harmonia desperately needs? The destiny of a world rests in your hands. Embark on this epic journey, and let the legacy of the Shadow Knight be written in the annals of heroism!

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