The 10 Hottest Video Game Fanfic Fandoms on AO3

Archive of Our Own (AO3), affectionately known as AO3, is a digital haven for fan-created content where enthusiasts pour their hearts into fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and more. This nonprofit and noncommercial platform thrives on the passion of its users, making it one of the internet’s most cherished repositories for fan-made creations, particularly in the realm of fanfiction. Delving into the AO3 database is like embarking on a treasure hunt through the hearts of fans and exploring their vivid imaginations. As of August 26, 2022, here are the top ten gaming fandoms that have left an indelible mark on AO3:

10. Mass Effect: Building on an Epic Legacy

  • Total Fanworks: 29,013
  • Notable Entries: Mass Effect Trilogy (24,467) and Mass Effect: Andromeda (4,422)

The Mass Effect series, celebrated for its immersive storytelling and player-driven narrative, captivates fans on AO3. It’s no surprise that the trilogy and Mass Effect: Andromeda inspire numerous fanworks, offering fans an opportunity to extend and explore the game’s rich universe.

9. Persona 5: Shaping Psychological Narratives

  • Total Fanworks: 33,170
  • Notable Entry: Persona 5 (23,781)

Persona 5, with its complex psychological narratives, day-to-day activities, and iconic jazz-based soundtrack, takes center stage in the Persona series on AO3. Its overwhelming fan presence mirrors the game’s enduring success.

8. Shin Megami Tensei: The Foundation of Imagination

  • Total Fanworks: 35,301

With an impressive array of games across various consoles, the Shin Megami Tensei series fosters fan creativity. The intricate lore and intriguing concepts within the games fuel the production of fanfiction and fanart.

7. Overwatch: Unveiling the Hidden Stories

  • Total Fanworks: 37,087
  • Popular Pairings: Cole Cassidy & Hanzo Shimada (6,679), Gabriel Reyes & Jack Morrison (5,430)

Beyond being a multiplayer shooter, Overwatch boasts extensive lore intertwined with its characters. Fans explore these character-driven narratives, adding depth and dimension to the Overwatch universe on AO3.

6. Undertale: Shaping Alternate Universes

  • Total Fanworks: 46,988
  • Notable Concept: Alternate Universes (AUs)

Undertale, an indie phenomenon, strikes a chord with fans. The existence of numerous Alternate Universes (AUs) demonstrates the game’s capacity to inspire creative reinterpretations, character reimaginations, and unique storylines.

5. Fire Emblem: Charting Multiple Routes

  • Total Fanworks: 67,182
  • Notable Entry: Fire Emblem: Three Houses (39,901)

The Fire Emblem series offers diverse routes, timelines, and character relationships. Fanfiction writers pick up the threads, expanding on character developments, relationships, and untold stories, making Fire Emblem a captivating fandom.

4. Dragon Age: Diverse Fanworks

  • Total Fanworks: 70,458
  • Notable Entries: Dragon Age: Inquisition (41,487), Dragon Age II (17,723), Dragon Age: Origins (13,974)

The Dragon Age series, with its complex branching narratives and intricate character dynamics, captivates fans. The AO3 community actively explores multiple timelines, romances, and character interactions.

3. Genshin Impact: A Rapid Ascent

  • Total Fanworks: 87,921
  • Popular Pairing: Tartaglia & Zhongli (9,867)

Genshin Impact’s detailed lore, extensive character roster, and inter-character relationships create an ideal canvas for fanfiction. The game’s quick rise to prominence on AO3 reflects the enthusiasm of its dedicated fanbase.

2. Final Fantasy: An Unyielding Legacy

  • Total Fanworks: 90,298
  • Notable Entries: Final Fantasy XIV (13,435), Final Fantasy VII (Original – 25,496)

The Final Fantasy franchise’s rich history and epic tales find a well-deserved place on AO3. Final Fantasy XIV and the original Final Fantasy VII contribute significantly to the legacy, drawing fans into their expansive worlds.

1. Minecraft: Unbounded Creativity

  • Total Fanworks: 96,486

Surpassing all other gaming fandoms on AO3, Minecraft’s simplicity and focus on player creativity foster boundless fan enthusiasm. The platform accommodates an array of Minecraft-themed creations, exploring everything from in-game lore to fan roleplay servers and streamer-generated content.

In the world of fan-driven content, AO3 stands as a testament to the dedication, imagination, and creativity of gaming fans. Through these fanworks, gamers celebrate the universes they love and forge new adventures, expanding the stories and experiences that define their favorite games.


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